Episode 2: “The Robots Are Coming! Automation, Digitalisation & Big Data”

Host Paul Dillon (with a little help from Gareth Murphy) delved into one of the biggest topics facing people working in finance today. What are tech changes doing to our jobs? What will a future finance sector look like, as automation and digitalisation continue apace?

We asked the experts. Dr Christina Colclough, of the UNI Global Union, joined us to delve into her research. Christina, who describes herself as a tech nerd with a social conscience, runs futureworldofwork.org, which is well worth a visit. Dr Larry Stapleton, of the Waterford Institute of Technology and the knewfutures.com website, joined us to give his vision of “technology serving humanity”. Dr Michelle O’Sullivan of the Kemmy School of Business and Dr Lisa Wilson joined us for our panel discussion.


We Want To Hear From You.

Discussion on rapidly changing technology and the finance sector continue to grab headlines. But one issue that has received less attention is how technology is impacting the nature of work in finance everyday-how management and supervision is changing as new technology is introduced.

So our poll this month is:

Reports show that employers use of monitoring/measuring technology and also communication tools are increasing work related stress. Smart phones and devices mean workers are constantly on-line and in communication with work. and this leading to stress, burn-out and a worsening of work life balance. Do you feel your employers use of technology is causing you stress?

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