Episode 3: “Productivity, Performance and Pay In The Workplace.”

Host Paul Dillon was joined by Sinead Pembroke of TASC, the think thank for action on social change, and Gareth Murphy of the Financial Services Union (FSU), to look at the latest trends on pay. There was a particular focus on how pay is structured in the Financial Services Sector and performance related pay structures.

Sinead Pembroke has written and researched extensively on working conditions in Ireland. Gareth Murphy, as head of Campaigns and Industrial Relations with the FSU, has extensive experience in negotiating pay with major employers in Financial Services. Together, they navigated the salary issues facing people working in financial services.

Does performance related pay work? If so, for whom? Why is the real value of wages falling? How can staff get good pay increases?

Tune in and and listen to the discussion on these issues and more.


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