Episode 5: “Can Tech Workers Unite?”

Hello and welcome to episode 5 of the Office Block. On our latest show we talk tech workers, and the conditions and rights they face at the cutting edge of the modern workplace.

There are 92, 000 people working in information and communication in Ireland, and the stats show that the trade union organisation is weaker here than almost any other sector of the economy. But a change may be afoot. Internationally at least, there is a big move towards discussing how tech workplaces can be made better.

One example is the work being done by the Game Workers United group, who are advocating for workers’ rights the growing games industry. They have featured in The Guardian as well as a host of titles aimed at the industry. Host Paul Dillon caught up with their acting chief Organiser in the UK, Declan Peach, to talk about his work.

Paul also caught up with Wendy Liu of the Tech Workers Coalition, and discussed her work and her views on working in tech.

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Tech is making a big impact on our lives. From Airbnb to Deliveroo and Netflix. But should tech companies be more conscious of their responsibilities to society?

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