Take The #YourSayOnFinance Survey

Since we launched the Office Block, we have covered a sackful of issues which matter to people working in finance and banking.

With the help of our guests, we have looked at pay, pensions, working hours, stress, out of hours work, unpaid overtime, and the future of work in the finance sector. So we are really pleased to hear that the Financial Services Union have had a huge response from across the sector to their finance worker survey, which covers these issue and more.

They are aiming to get an insight into what it means to work in finance today, and to use the results to campaign for staff.


We covered the survey on episode 7, and doubtless, we will be looking closely at the results when they come in.


To take the survey go to www.yoursayonfinance.org and use #yoursayonfinance to join the coversation.



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